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Nottingham News (October 2012)

Nottingham News

October 2012

Tuesday 2nd October 2012:


Gary Cooper
A man newly released from prison killed his flatmate in an alcohol-fuelled knife attack. Gary Cooper stabbed Mark Calpin, a friend of 20 years, five times during an argument.

Nottingham Crown Court heard that Cooper shouted "I hope you die" as Mr Calpin was stretchered out of his flat in Ashwell Gardens, Hyson Green, on November 5 last year.
Cooper, 45, pleaded guilty to murder at Nottingham Crown Court yesterday.
Graham Reeds QC, prosecuting, said Cooper had returned to Mr Calpin's flat on November 4 last year after a court hearing for another offence.
The pair drank together with friends but Cooper lost his temper and attacked a man with a screwdriver, cutting his face around the right eye and his upper body.
Cooper then injured two women with the screwdriver at another house in Ashwell Gardens, before trying to return to Mr Calpin's home where he was refused entry.
Mr Reeds said: "He went around to the kitchen window, managed to open it from the outside, and broke into the flat.
"He picked up a knife off the work surface and another knife off the draining board and went into the living room to confront Mark Calpin.
"Mark Calpin stood up. The defendant threatened him and told him to sit down, which he did.
"While he was sitting the defendant stabbed him in the side. It was described by a witness as a stabbing involving frantic movements."
The court heard three of the five wounds, which were all caused by a six-inch knife, were to Mr Calpin's liver.
A 999 call was made at 1.45am and Mr Calpin, 44, was pronounced dead at the Queen's Medical Centre at 3.30am.
The court heard Cooper had begun living with Mr Calpin after being released from prison in July, 2011.
Mr Reeds said: "On release from that sentence he had nowhere to go. Mark Calpin took him in, in late October or early November (2011)."
Sarah Porter, in mitigation for Cooper, said: "He has had months to go over the events of that evening time and time again.
"Mr Cooper is at a loss to understand how the events escalated to such an extent, with such tragic consequences, amongst what was essentially a group of close friends."
Miss Porter added: "He's unable to recall the precise details of what happened when he went back into that flat. He finds it very difficult to accept what inevitably must have been what he did that evening.
"He cannot believe he would have stabbed a friend in that way."
Judge Michael Stokes QC sentenced Cooper to life imprisonment and said he must serve at least 23 years before being eligible for parole.
Judge Stokes said: "This is as clear a case of murder as one could possibly imagine.
"Mark Calpin's family and friends have had to wait to hear you acknowledge your responsibility for what you did."
Cooper also pleaded guilty to three charges of assault occasioning actual bodily harm to the man and two women at an earlier hearing.
He was sentenced to 18 months for each charge, to run concurrently.
A plea of not guilty to a charge of robbery in relation to the attack on Mr Calpin was also accepted by the court.

Tuesday 2nd October 2012:


Mansfield Magistrates Court
A 15-year old boy has appeared at court, charged with the rape and sexual assault of a pensioner.
The teenager is alleged to have attacked the 65-year-old on land near Vale Road, in Mansfield Woodhouse, at about 8.30am on Saturday August 4.
The man and the teenager are not believed to be known to each other.
The teenager, who police say is from Notts, appeared at Mansfield Magistrates' Court.
He was remanded into custody and will next appear at Nottingham Crown Court on October 16.

Tuesday 2nd October 2012:

The man who killed Nottinghamshire policeman Ged Walker has been sent back to prison for attacking his girlfriend.

In 2003 PC Walker was dragged to his death by a stolen taxi driven by David Parfitt.
Parfitt, 35, from Nottingham, was jailed for 13 years for manslaughter but was released in March this year.
At Leicester Crown Court he was jailed for two and a half years after being convicted of causing actual bodily harm and perverting the course of justice.
His trial in August heard he had met his girlfriend online but attacked her just weeks into the relationship.
Despite it being against the terms of his release, Parfitt had been drinking and punched and headbutted her during an argument at her home in Lincoln.
Dick Holmes from Lincolnshire Police said Parfitt had a "Jekyll and Hyde" character when taking alcohol.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Drury Hill - Its History

Drury Hill, was the quaintest street in England, but protesters failed in their bid to stop it being demolished to make way for the entrance to the new Broad Marsh Shopping Centre. 

Drury Hill

Leading from Low-pavement to Sussex-street, was called Vault-lane because of the fame of the huge rock cellars underneath the house at its juncture with Low-pavement.

Later, it was called Parkyn-lane, probably after some member of the Parkyn family of Bunny.

It got its present name about 1620, and it has nothing whatever to do with Drury Lane in London.

About that time one of the leading figures in Nottingham was a certain Alderman Drury, a wealthy cordwainer (a shoemaker or worker in cordovan leather). He occupied Vault Hall, the house just mentioned, and from him the street derives its modern name.

It is a very old thoroughfare. Originally, Nottingham stood round about St. Mary’s Church. There was no Arkwright-street, and the only access to the town was along the track of what is now London-road.

The traffic had to get up the precipice as best it could, first by Malin-hill and Long Stairs and then by Hollow Stone. The town grew, and it was found easier to bring the traffic along Narrow-marsh and up the much less severe gradient of Drury Hill, and this line consequently became the chief business thoroughfare of the town.

In the Seventeenth Century when wheeled traffic began to come into general use and to replace horseborne traffic, it was found that this ancient roadway was too narrow to deal with the cumbrous vehicles of the times, and so Hollow Stone was taken seriously in hand, its gradient eased, and it was turned into a principal entrance to the town.

Drury Hill, with its narrowness and congestion, and its curious haphazard buildings, gives us some idea of the appearance of Tudor Nottingham.

Opposite Bridlesmith Gate is one of the entrances to a construction of the 1960s and 70s - the Broadmarsh Centre. During the construction of this shopping mall many old buildings were demolished and the old mediaeval thoroughfare of Drury Hill was also lost, although the name plate for the street can still be seen just right of centre in this image. Drury Hill was a steep and narrow descent that I remember walking down to the old bus station when I worked in the city in the mid 1960s
How the entrance was in 1967

The Postern Gate was situated at the corner of Drury Hill and The Pavement.
Built just prior to the English Civil War

Note lack of Big Issue sellers, muggers, yobs and traffic? - Heaven!

A wet day in Nottingham... and no one in sight?

Slightly better quality shot of folks coming up the Hill
No for sale or rent signs either like today!

1967 - Note the Ford Anglia, Ford Popular, Vauxhall Victor...
but what make of car is the one at the far end?
Please let me know if you can work it out please!

As you enter today, what was the entrance to Drury Hill, you see closed down and boarded up retail untis on both sides of you, and all the way down into the centre itself. Sad!

As I was leaving the Broad Marsh Centre, where once stood several retail stalls in the walkway, now abandoned, I found Dave doing his bit for the Forces - dropped some cash in his bucket, and thanked him.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Nottingham News

Nottingham City News

New powers are to be given to Nottingham Police Community Support Officers

4th July 2012

Seven additional powers for the officers were approved at a meeting of the county's police authority.
Under the new guidelines, PCSOs will be able to:

* Photograph people away from a police station.

* Issue fixed-penalty notices for excluded pupils found in a public place.

*Issue fixed-penalty notices in respect of offences under dog control orders.

* Issue penalty notices for consumption of alcohol by a person under 18 or for allowing such consumption.

* Issue penalty notices for buying or attempting to buy alcohol by a person under the age of 18.

* Issue penalty notices for selling or attempting to sell alcohol to a person who is drunk.

* Issue penalty notices for possession of a controlled Class B drug – cannabis.

The review of PCSO powers was commissioned by Assistant Chief Constable Paul Scarrott and carried out in consultation with neighbourhood sergeants and inspectors.
Mr Scarrott's report said: "These additional powers give the PCSOs more tools to solve problems for the community."

Former police authority chairman John Clarke said the additional powers raised questions about the future of the force.

"I am concerned about the loss of proper police officers," he said. "The force is moving more and more towards PCSOs."

Mr Clarke said that he was particularly concerned about PCSOs being able to gather intelligence, by taking photographs which could be used as evidence.

He added: "Collating evidence is a job which requires a lot of training, so if PCSOs are going to be given that responsibility, it is vital that they undergo the relevant training."

The review of PCSOs also looked at their contract of employment, job description and specification, shift pattern and recruitment.

A change in shift pattern was suggested because PCSOs not working in line with the officers had "caused some difficulty in team-working, briefing, de-briefing, development and general management".

They will now work the same shifts as beat officers, with different finish times to late and afternoon shifts.

Lloyds TSB raided by armed robbers

4th July 2012

Two robbers threatened a cashier at a Nottingham bank before escaping on a motorbike with a quantity of cash.

Police said the Lloyds TSB on Wollaton Road, Wollaton, was raided at about 15:00 BST on Monday.

The men were reported to have used a hammer and a handgun to threaten the bank worker before leaving on a red motorbike.

Both robbers were said to have been wearing parka coats and one was carrying a black sports bag.

Police have appealed for witnesses.

Tuesday 19th June 2012

I walked to the QMC this morning, for me INR level blood tests - then caught the bus into the city, where I took these shots of the corner of Milton Street/Upper Parliament Street.
Note the lack of people around? This was at about 1200hrs.

Nottingham Policing Plan

The 'Cut Crime and keep you safe', may have to take a back-seat for a while, during the Olympics when 280 officers will be taken away from Nottingham to police the London Olympics - just in time for the annual Nottingham summer youth riots too!

The Queen's Visit to Nottingham

Wot I took Wednesday 13th June 2012
With editors comments added in red letters!
Details of when and where people can see the Queen during her visit to Nottingham on Wednesday have been revealed.
The Queen, accompanied by the Duke of Edinburgh and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, will start at Nottingham train station before going to the Council House and Vernon Park, in Basford.
  1. The Queen pictured in Leicester at the start of jubilee tour in March.
    The Queen pictured in Leicester at the start of jubilee tour in March.
It is hoped that hundreds of people will line the route to greet the royal party as they travel through the city.
This could happen, as Wednesday's in Nottingham sees many hundreds of people signing on at the benefit and Jobcentre plus offices.
There will be a number of road closures and travel restrictions.
The Queen and Prince Philip are due to arrive at the station at 10.05am. They will be met by Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton and will all travel by car to the Council House.
Oh I am glad for them.
People are encouraged to line the streets to get a glimpse of the royal convoy as it travels along Middle Pavement, Albert Street and Wheeler Gate and into the Old Market Square, near the fountains.
Should be a bit of interest to the Big Issue sellers!
The royals are expected to arrive in the square at 10.10am and will spend time meeting the crowds, before going into the Council House to meet the Lord Lieutenants of Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire and guests.
A spokesman for the Lord Lieutenant of Notts, Sir Andrew Buchanan, said: "The Lord Lieutenant is delighted and is very much looking forward to greeting the royal party.
"He is hoping that the people of Nottingham will give them a really wonderful welcome. It is a fantastic opportunity because the Queen hasn't been here since the Golden Jubilee, so we are hoping that everybody is going to come out in force."
Out in force? Muggers, beggars, rioters, unemployed, drug gangs, and shoplifters might attend I suppose!
The royals will appear on the Council House balcony and the National Anthem will be played. The royal party will leave by car at about 10.55am. Spectators can see them on Queen Street and Upper Parliament Street, before they travel to Vernon Park, in Basford, along Vernon Avenue.
The park has been granted Queen Elizabeth II Field Status, which preserves parks as recreational spaces.
Well that's good news for the unemployed, redundant, crime victims, sick on the NHS waiting list, immigrants, muggers, and gun-crime criminals of Nottingham I'm sure!
The royal party is expected to arrive at Vernon Park at around 11am and the Queen will unveil a plaque to mark the park's new status. They will enjoy sporting and musical performances by children from schools and groups from Notts and Derbyshire.
Members of the public will be able to arrive at the park from 8.30am and enjoy the activities from 10am to 2pm.
The Duke of Edinburgh is recovering from a bladder infection in London, and a spokesman for Buckingham Palace told the Post yesterday that there was no update on his condition.
But it is hoped that he will be able to accompany the Queen on Wednesday for her two-day visit to Nottingham and then Corby as part of her tour of the UK.
The spokesman for Sir Andrew added: "We hope that he will be well enough to come but his health is paramount. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will be with Her Majesty, which is very exciting."
Yes poor chap, I'd go myself, but it's my INR Warfarin blood tests appointment.
Nottingham City Council leader Councillor Jon Collins said: "As the capital of the East Midlands, it's great Nottingham's playing host to this royal visit.
"I'm sure that people will give the royal party a warm welcome and will be excited about getting the chance to also see the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge as part of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations."
They say it costs over £500 to serve HRM with each breakfast she has served to her - five times what  get a week in pension - so please do not feel bad about my lack of interest?

Can you help find 'despicable' robbers?

‘Despicable’ robbers who pinned an elderly woman to the ground in her own home and stole her necklace are being hunted by police.
The two men, both white, pushed their way into the 80-year-old woman’s bungalow in Bestwood Road, Hucknall, at around 10.30pm on Monday (11 June).
They told her to turn her taps on, but she refused.
She was forced to the floor while one of the offenders searched her bedroom. A necklace she was wearing at the time was snatched from her neck and they fled through the back door.
Both robbers are thought to be in their early 20s. One was just over 5ft tall while the other was taller and wore a hooded top with a scarf around his face. 
The victim was not injured during the incident.
Detectives are appealing to any witnesses who may have seen two men behaving suspiciously in the Hucknall area. They are also appealing to anyone who may know where the victim’s necklace is.
It was made up of two gold chains linked together and had a gold oval pendant attached, which has a swirl pattern on it.
Detective Inspector Hayley Williams, from Sutton CID, said: “This was a callous and despicable attack on an elderly woman in her own home.
“She must have been terrified at the sight of two complete strangers barging their way into her home - a place that should be a safe sanctuary for her.
“They snatched the necklace she was wearing from around her neck. This is of significant sentimental value to her and the pendant contains photographs of her husband and son.
“We are determined to find the heartless offenders who did this and I urge anyone who has information to come forward to help us hold them to account for what they did.”
Although incidents of this nature are relatively rare, high visibility patrols have been increased in the area as a precaution.
Anyone with information should contact Hucknall CID at 101 extension 804 4733 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

HRM The Queens Visit to Nottingham

Photo's wot I managed to take, as I was hobbling into the City Centre

Wednesday 13th June 2012

The're coming towards me....

The're a little closer now....

The're here...

The're gone.... 

The're a memory now!
I might well have been able to get some better shots (photographs) of Her Majesty's flotilla up Mansfield Road this morning, but one of the kind motorbike-policeman-officer-gentlemen who preceded the Royals, kindly suggested I kept both feet on the pavement outside the closed down and torched in Nottingham's riots of last year shop that I was stood near - to avoid his having to arrest me!
His wearing of an SA80, a British family of 5.56mm small arms, a selective fire, gas-operated assault rifle, decided me to keep both of my feet as recommended on the pavement - notice all the others took the advice to heart as well!
The CPO, wearing a new hat, and the git in blue who got in the way of my shots seemed to enjoy the fleeting moment anyway.
The automobiles used I noted were built by Indian, German, and Japanese owned companies.
When I moved on into the city centre, there was plenty of Union flag bunting, but none I noticed at the Age-Concern, NHS Drop-in Centre, Benefits, or Job-Centre-Plus offices?

I moved on to fetch some hearing aid batteries, get my bus pass mended, and call at the Pound shop to get some seed for the pigeons - delights I bet Her Majesty doesn't have the pleasure of!

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Nottingham - Photo Gallery One

Coventry Road Bulwell - Tues 3rd Dec 2013

Midland Shelving Fire

Busy day fer me today. Launderette, then QMC fer me INR blood tests, then to Bulwell (on the bus) to get some cheapo-short-dated nosh in - and that is when I passed the fire below.

Carrington Street

Facing towards the City Centre, this clever photo has a 1912 shot superimposed in the exact relative position, over a 1980 photo, I hope to try an take one from the same position late to show you three 'ages' of Nottingham.
The busy building with the Nottingham folk on the left - is... was, the public toilets, it's now a fast-food retail outlet! Eurgh!
Just out of shot far left, was the entrance to the British Rail Goods Yard, where my father used to work long ago. Although nothing like yesteryear, the concrete post Dad had his delivery dray horse break his leg on, is still there!


Broad Marsh Centre

The entrance from the North, where once was many shops on both sides, now abandoned!

A bit further into the in, you come across the up and down escalators, and more abandoned, bankrupt boarded up ex-retail premises.
Nottingham shoppers will be aware of the famous 'shudder' of the down escalator!

At the bottom of the escalators you are greeted by... more abandoned retail outlets!

Victoria Shopping Centre

Police tackle the shoplifting craze in Nottingham

Even more shop closure on Mansfield Road

Photo's wot I took of HRMs Visit to Nottingham

HRMs Visit to Nottingham -Wednesday 13th June 2012

Old Market Square - 2011

Old Market Square - June 2012

Mansfield Road, Carrington - 20th June 2012

The row of closed down shops - another sad indication for Nottingham!

Week-ending 1st July 2012

Nottingham Photos Wot I took

 Clumber Street - with its closed down shops, Money Lenders, Cash for Gold, Big Issue Sellers, Pound Shop (Doing well!) and a shop selling kiddies shoes on offer at £49.99!

Mansfield Road, with this retailer going out of business and the site for sale
Typical Nottingham I'm afraid!

The Crossing where I saw a girl knocked over in March, a Cyclist in April went under a lorry, and in June, another woman hit by a bus. And still the pedestrians go against the lights, and cross anywhere!

Victoria Centre shoplifters... er I mean shoppers!